Our shop does custom welding, be in commercial, residential or decorative. We offer MIG welding, Stick welding and mobile welding as well.

We work with mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel.


We offer a wide variety of punching services as small as 1/8 and up to 1 inch hole in 3/4″ thick mild steel.

With the calibration and precision of our punching machine, we can ensure accuracy on small and large scale projects alike.


We can notch either oxy-acetalene or press notching.

With our press we can notch up to 3/8 thick material. Press notching is essential for high accuracy applications.

Torch cutting

We offer in shop and mobile torch cutting on location. Any mild steel, regardless of thickness can be cut by torch.

Bandsaw cutting

Bandsaw cutting is great for high precision, clean cut applications.

We can cut any material up to a maximum of 18 x 10 inches.

Forming and Bending

When it comes to custom forming and bending, please contact us at or call at 613-224-5000 to discuss your needs.

We can form up to 1/2 inch, in any material

Powder coating

Powder coating is the best finish available for steel. It is a baked on finish that cannot be applied without specialized equipment.

We offer it in a large variety of colors.

Mobile welding

Our mobile services are great for residential and commercial needs, be it with mild steel, stainless and aluminum.

Call to schedule and we can come when it works best for you.